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    English Language Arts
    Social Studies
    Health and Physical Education
    Social Skills and Anti-Bullying
    Instrumental Music
    Advanced Learning/Spectrum

    English Language Arts

    The Seattle Public School’s (SPS) new English Language Arts (ELA) instructional materials adoption, Center for the Collaborative Classroom (CCC), was implemented at Wing Luke last year.

    Approved in April by the Seattle School Board, CCC will be implemented this school year as well. Over the summer, teachers, specialists, and school leaders have been preparing to use the new ELA materials through CCC's online instructional modules. Our teachers have been learning about the methodology, resources and best practices to support reading, writing, critical thinking and collaboration so they will be ready for students on the first day of school.

    The purchase of instructional resources for K-5 ELA is also a major step toward the district's goal of eliminating opportunity gaps. In providing instructional materials aligned to the Common Core State Standards for all students, SPS equalizes access to resources designed to build the reading skills, writing skills, thinking habits, academic behaviors and dispositions necessary for success in college, careers and life.

    The selection of the CCC was supported by a year-long process that included outreach to community, families, staff members and school leaders at many different times through the process. Thirty-six Seattle teachers served as adoption committee members, while 27 different teachers tested the materials in a two-month pilot, and more than 600 Seattle staff members participated in the selection through an online survey. CCC was the first choice for all-staff, field testers, adoption committee members, families, community.

    Here is more information about Center for the Collaborative Classroom (CCC).

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    Ensuring that all students attain math proficiency is a high priority at Wing Luke. Students receive a balanced program of instruction in computation skills and problem solving. Wing Luke uses Math in Focus curriculum, which includes computation and number sense, place value, problem-solving, geometry, probability, and algebra /numeric patterns. Progress is monitored frequently through classroom observations and written tests as well as the MAP and SBA tests. Math instruction is supported by engaging math games to reinforce skills, with enriched math experiences available after school through the City Year program for targeted students. 


    The Seattle Public Schools Mathematics Scope and Sequence, designed by our math educators in 2015 and based on Common Core math standards, provides an overall learning map for teachers. Your child’s classroom teacher can provide more information on these grade-level learning goals.

    Elementary School
    Math in Focus Opens a New Window. is our text, based on the Singapore method.

    To log in to the online textbook:

    UN: studentsps
    PW: access

    Conceptual Understanding: Making sense of mathematics

    Students who understand a concept can:

    • identify examples and non-examples
    • describe concepts with words, symbols, drawings, tables or models
    • provide a definition of a concept
    • use the concept in different ways
    <p">Expectations for conceptual understanding ask students to demonstrate, describe, represent, connect, and justify.

    Procedural Proficiency: Skills, facts, and procedures

    Students who demonstrate procedural proficiency can:

    • quickly recall basic facts (addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division)
    • use standard algorithms – step-by-step mathematical procedures – to produce a correct solution or answer (might also include multiple algorithms)
    • use generalized procedures (such as the steps involved in solving an algebraic equation)
    • demonstrate fluency with procedures:
      • perform the procedure immediately and accurately
      • know when to use a particular procedure in a problem or situation
      • use the procedure as a tool that can be applied reflexively, and doesn’t distract from the task at hand (procedure is stored in long-term memory)

    Problem-solving and Processes: reasoning and thinking to apply mathematical content

    Students must be able to:

    • reason
    • solve problems
    • communicate their understanding in effective ways
    • solve increasingly complex problems from grade to grade
    • use increasingly sophisticated language and symbols to communicate their understanding, from grade to grade

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    Wing Luke teachers use science units from the National Science Foundation. This inquiry-based science education emphasizes hands-on experiences, observation, collection of data through experimental methods, and writing conclusions. Our students explore a wide variety of topics from organisms, weather, sound, electrical circuitry, and food chemistry to ecosystems.

    In May 2018, Seattle Public Schools initiated an adoption process for instructional materials to support science in grades K through 12. 

    The instructional materials process will follow the Seattle Public Schools Selection and Adoption of Instructional Materials, Policy No. 2015pdf icon. opens a pdf file opens a pdf file Opens a New Window.

    When approved by the Seattle School Board, the new instructional materials will be ready for implementation by the 2019-20 school year.

    A timeline and details may be found on the science adoption pages.

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    Health & Physical Education

    Wing Luke is committed to providing a quality Physical Education program that builds knowledge, fitness, movement skills, social well-being, and confidence, so all students can enjoy a healthy active lifestyle.

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    Social Studies

    Social Studies are integrated into classrooms in a variety of ways: Kindergarten teachers use Guided Language Acquisition Design (G.L.A.D.) units to foster oral language and vocabulary development on topics such as farm life, holidays, and beaches; 1st and 2nd grade classrooms focus on social skills introduced through the Steps to Success curriculum; 3rd grade classrooms study Native Peoples and the history of the city of Seattle; 4th grade classrooms investigate Native Peoples and Washington State history; and, 5th grade classrooms focus on “Building a Nation” from many different states to create the United States.

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    Social Skills/Anti-Bullying

    Classroom teachers use the “Second Steps” and “Steps to Respect” curriculums to explicitly teach social skills and anti-bullying techniques. Included in the curriculum are lessons appropriate at each grade level to develop students’ skills in empathizing, recognizing feelings, recognizing and responding to bullying, and building community, as well as protecting themselves from danger among strangers.

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    Integrated Technology

    Wing Luke students have access to 135 computers located in two computer labs and in each classroom. Students learn keyboarding and word processing skills, practice math strands, improve reading strategies, research social and science studies, and integrate a variety of technology tools such as PowerPoint, PhotoStory, and Publisher to support their academic progress. Students learn online safety and the effects of cyberbullying. Teachers integrate technology through all subject areas, utilizing many online resources to improve teaching and learning.  An increasing number of staff members utilize wireless technology to enhance instruction.

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    Instrumental Music

    4th & 5th graders may elect to learn how to play an instrument in preparation for experiences with orchestra and band at the middle and high school levels. Our instrumental music specialist works with small groups each Tuesday, teaching the basics of playing an instrument, reading music, practicing to improve, and playing in an ensemble.

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    Advanced Learning/Spectrum

    Wing Luke is a district-identified Spectrum school for the southeast region. This means that students who are designated as gifted by the district participate in an accelerated, rigorous, and enriched curriculum in our blended inclusion-model classrooms. Our model serves all high-performing students, who participate in advanced learning opportunities whether or not they are identified by the district as gifted. The acceleration is one grade level for math, reading, and writing. 6th grade enVision Math curriculum is used to advance identified 5th grade math students. We believe in differentiated instruction, flexible grouping, enrichment activities, and school-wide programs to meet all of our students needs.

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